Vaison-la-Romaine’s archeological sites: Puymin

by Jul 16, 2019

The Roman sites of Vaison are quite extensive in comparaison to the size of town, and make a significant portion of it’s center: Puymin and Villasse are the main sites


It is just across the street from the tourist office and shows numerous villas centered around courtyard surrounded by columns , thermal baths, the theatre and also the Archeological museum.

It is recommended to start the visit with the museum, as the historical reconstitutions will make the visualisation of the buildings much easier and interesting.

For example, this is a reconstitution of Vaison during the Pax Romana, when it was a major center of power (the amphitheatre is now buried under modern constructions, but the theatre remains in action, 2000 years later):

The peristyled villas of Puymin:


The thermal baths:

Going up towards the museum and theatre

Roman archeological grounds in Vaison-la-Romaine    

The Roman theatre

A tunnel was dug in the hill to make a dramatic entrance at the top of the theatre

Roman theatre, Vaison-la-Romaine

From here you can see up close the white columns visible from our view points 🙂

Roman theatre, Vaison-la-Romaine 


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