Roman Vaison

by Oct 20, 2017

Vasio Vocontiorum, an important Roman town, used to cover the modern day Vaison grounds. Any time  a shovel is being used to dig a house or a road, some archeological finding pops up, to the delight of archeologists, and not so much of builders!

The archeological groups of la Villase and Puymin cover over 15 hectares and a Roman forum has been discovered on Rue Jules ferry and currently being excavated.

Puymin site, and it’s Roman theatre. A scene is set up half of the year for magical outdoor shows in the theatre (see post here)

The Roman had complex systems of underfloor heating, tap water, and sewage. All lost for over a 1000 year during medieval times.

The excellent Theo Desplanques Museum in the Puymin site has very nice models of the Roman villas and thermes, and beautiful sculptures, although the most remarkable are at the Louvre

Villasse site, and the remains of elegant villas with porticoes, patios and basins



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