Summer festivals in Vaison-la-Romaine

by Jul 18, 2019

We are lucky to have a rich cultural scene in Vaison, highlighted in the summer by outdoor shows in the Roman theatre, as well as in more intimate scenes like the one set in the Roman ruins, and in the cathedral.

Below some shows we have had the chance to enjoy over the years, just down the lane.

Some the pics are mine, but most are taken from the Vaison Danses websites, with the photographer watermarked on them, sorry for those which are not credited as I couldn’t find the photographer.


Philippe Caubere: Claudine et le Theatre.

The only theatre piece that was ever played in this festival,  a comedy where Philippe Caubere tells us all about his early years as an actor and his dramatic relationships with his mother. I still remember vividly the relentless energy Philippe Caubere deployed in this monologue where he play all of the characters of his story for over 3 hours!! So funny my abs hurt when the pay was over! A classic.


Sylvie Guilhem – Russell Maliphant: Push.

Pure sensuality


Victoria Chaplin and Jean-Baptiste Thierée: Le cirque invisible.

Pure poesy. One of the plays that got our kids into “adults” shows.

Maria Pages – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: Dunas.

A beautiful idea to intertwine dancers and the lines, lights and movements of textile

Compania Antonio Gades: Fuenteovejuna.

To console myself to have missed his Carmen the previous year.


Cia Maria Pages: Auto-retrato.

A very personal and moving from the grande dame of Flamenco

Nouveau cirque du Vietnam: Lang Tôi

Gorgeous aerial circus, just amazing to see them build those structures in seconds…

Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan in “Sacred Monsters”

My favourite show ever in the whole wide world…


Cie DCA Philippe Decouflé: Panorama. 

By an Olympics choreographer


Momix: Bothanica,

A magic coloured graphic universe, a human kaleidoscope

Les sept doigts de la main: Traces.

Theatrical and graceful circus

Daniell Alnuma: Minhara.

At the Theatre du Nymphee, a more intimate scene set in the Roman archeologic site, at the back of the Roman theatre.

Rochdi Belgasmi: Transe

Festival au fil des Voix

Lo Cor de la Plana

Louis de la Carrasca:


Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui: Milonga

A cool contemporary dance reinterpretation of Tango

Festival au fil des Voix: Plaza Francia

Catherine Ringer (ex-Rita Mitsuko) and Gotan Project make Plaza Francia, both very big in France. With the first note of “Marcia Baila”, the public was instantly jumping up!


Dada Massilo: Carmen.

Ballet du Capitole: Valser

Cie Accrorap / Kader Attu: The roots.

An interesting mix of rap and contemporary danse

Compagnie XY: Il n’est pas encore minuit. 


Compañia nacional de danza de España: The vertiginous thrill of exactitude – Hasta siempre? – Minus 16

Malandain Ballet Biarritz: Noe

Cirque Le Roux: The elephant in the room. 

Circasian art is definitely coming closer and closer to theatre


Compagnie Herve Koubi: Les nuits barbares ou les premiers matins du monde.

A beautiful mix of Mediterranean people, cultures, music and danses. A magistral demonstration that they can be mixed without loosing their individuality

Compagnie The rat pack: Speakeasy.

Another theatral take on circus, played out like a “Roman noir” with original music from Chinese man, great entertainment.

Ballets Jazz de Montreal: Dance Me.

A moving tribute to Leonard Cohen, fabulously interpreted.

Ballet National de Marseille: Non solo Medea.

A premiere in France for a ballet created in Pompei the same summer. An interesting attempt a tragedy in antique settings, a message about the end of the world in Pompei in resonance with what we are facing now, but the liberties taken with the myth for no apparent reason were a bit cringy

vaison danses


Ballet Nice Meditaranee: Don Quichotte, Éric Vu-An d’après Marius Petipa,

A long time since we saw a classic ballet at Vaison Danses.The star couple  was absolutely sublime..

Credit photo Dominique Jaussein

Don Quichotte, Vaison Danses

My ladies rock

A good effort at setting the story straight regarding women in rock……. by a men. There are a million more themes to set the record straight on, but you got to start somewhere don’t you?

Cool music, electrifying show and at the end, the choreographer Jean-Claude Gallota invited the public on the scene to danse on Tina Turner’s “Rolling down the river”, no need to say we (almost) all responded and got to try the spring of a scene floor… 🙂

Credit photo: Giovanni Cittadinicesi_

Credit photo: Laurent Philippe

Credit photo: Pauline Le Goff

Link to Vaison Danses here


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