Lavender crop at la Baye, the 2020 vintage

by Nov 1, 2020

It’s always a delicious time when we cut out the flowers and let them dry before packing them up in little linen pouches. Over the years we have started getting more efficient at doing this, although we only have a small field, it does yield quite a lot of flowers! We used to dry them out on the floor of the summer house, but we now have drying trays shelved high up in the studio, so that is their new home for now. The scent the studio is truly deliciously intoxicating!

On top of the lavender field in front of the summer house, there are potted lavenders on the terrace, and a row bordering the kitchen garden, plus a few here and there around the garden… Butterflies seem to approve 🙂

Harvesting lavender but also sauge flowers, once dry the keep forever, and are also very fragrant

Once dried, I will separate the flowers from the stems and they will go into small linen pouches:

Over time, as with my other creations, friends, family and guests have encouraged me to create a range of commercially available bags. This year the theme is katazome indigo, a japanese stencil technique to create pattern on indigo dye: here they are at Mei Line, the 2020 vintage 😉


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