Autumn at la Baye

by Nov 1, 2020

It’s harvest time, for grapes, olives, and lavender (for us because we leave them very, very late for our guests to enjoy), it’s a time when we play around plants and enjoy their scent to the very end…

We also dry out all sorts of aromatic and medicinal plants, for cooking, for healing, for nourishing the garden, and to prepare bugs repellents for the spring, a whole fun world of witchcraft… Some plants are also dried just for their beautiful shape, they will be used for eco printing or katazome in Mei Line’s range of fabrics, watch this space for more later!

And of course, there is Halloween… and we are not short of pumpkin, the kitchen garden has produced a whole truckload of them, but they where a bit late, so only the butternut squash made it to Halloween

Finally, our olive crop


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