Vaison Danses 2021

by Jul 31, 2021

This year is the 25th anniversary of Vaison Danses, inaugurated in 1996 by Maurice Bejart himself… A photographic exhibitions runs along the roman archeological site that gives access to the Roman theatre, scene of Vaison Danses. With the added emotion of being finally able to get together in the communion of a live show. Five fabulous representations, and many memories to treasure..

Vaison Danses’ program is here

Photography by Stephane Renaud for Vaison Danses and the town of Vaison-la-Romaine

It is only fitting that Rudra Bejart ballet ends up opening the festival as Bejart himself was present during the first edition. A masterly show by a group of dancers who weren’t even born in 1996…

An overwhelming piece of masterly flamenco with a spirit and passion that burned through the entire Roman theatre, an absolutely unforgettable evening!!⁠

Ubercool ballet, dancing effortlessly through Tom Waits, Patty Smith and Keith Jarett’s Koln concert…what’s not to love about it??!!⁠

Fun, exhilarating and quaint, all of that effortlessly disguising some impossibly difficult juggling. ⁠
@VaisonDanses festival usually includes a choreographed circus performance. The local young (and adult) public in Vaison is connoisseur as there is a circus school that get to present their end-of-year show in this same majestic spot of the Roman theatre. They where thrilled when at the end of the show Gandini invites the public to come and collect whatever porcelain has made it in one piece🤪..⁠

Full house for the final show of the festival Vaison Danses. Balletpreljocaj, regularly leaves Aix’s Pavillon Noir to danse in the roman theatre and is welcomed with open arms..⁠
“Gravity” by @balletpreljocaj was a firework to see the Vaison danses festival off, with music ranging from barocco to Daft Punk and Ravel’s Bolero, all wrapped up with mastery sensuality, time went flying!


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