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Playing around the house to shoot the latest products straight out of the studio..

Season’s Greetings

A warm greeting from Provence, may this new year bring you love, joy and good times with your loved ones!  

Mei Line: fabric dying in the studio

Busy Xmas season with the production in full blast, experimenting colours and processing and marvelling with every piece of fabric coming out of the dying baths 🙂 Indigo Shiboris … and block prints on Indigo Preparing the fabric before ...

Mei Line

Little sister of the wonderful adventure in Santiago, Mei Line Provence will soon offer a selection body and home dressing. Vintage linen and cotton fabric is sourced locally and dyed with vegetal pigments using traditional methods which produce ...

Going green in the studio

Processing the lavender field’s production, but also the kitchen garden’s aromatic / medicinal herb production Before: After:    

Summer lifestyle @ La Baye des Anges

Very often, it starts with a Petanque. All are welcome, and our Japanese friends are most excited to learn a new game Pind pong under the wisteria is another big draw But of course, it all ends around the pool.. This was a lucky evening: chef ...

Photoshooting Au Fil de Birmanie @ La Baye des Anges

My friend Mae imports scarfs, fabric and all sorts of decorating ideas from Burma, you can find all those treasures here (website in construction) We did a photoshoot and found that Provence was a nice background to Burma ...

July in the kitchen garden

We have now hit the “Corne d’abondance” point, to which it impossible to keep up eating daily what the garden produces, especially tomatoes so I am experimenting with the age old conserve making, here with the tomato coulis, ...

L’Aromate @ la Baye des Anges

Sylvain Robert, L’Aromat’s chef and his wife Virginie cater for our summer fiesta this year, the brief is to cook from our kitchen garden’s production: tomatoes, courgettes, courgettes flowers, aubergines; spring onions, and a ...

From soil to pot…

Since the whole point of a kitchen garden is to have create delicious meals, here is our take on how to use it.. Our very first courgette, how exciting! So tender that it can be eaten raw, and makes a delicious salad with your choice of herb and ...

The Mont Ventoux trails

Yet another adventure up Provence’s giant, this time through one of it’s numerous trails


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